Management Board

The Management Board is a collective governing body of the Company, responsible for its day-to-day management as stipulated in The Charter and Regulations on the Management Board.

The activities of the Management Board focus on the efficient operation of the Company, implementing prompt and objective decisions that meet the interests of the Company and its shareholders; as well as efficient, timely and conscientious fulfillment of General Shareholders Meeting and Board of Directors resolutions.

Members of the Management Board are appointed for a one-year term upon the decision of the Board of Directors.

Mikhail Oseevskiy
President of Rostelecom
Sergey Anokhin
Senior Vice President andCFO
Sergey Emdin
CEO, Demetra-Holding
Kirill Menshov
Senior Vice President for IT
Galina Rysakova
Senior Vice President of Organizational Development and Human Resources
Alexey Sapunov
Senior Vice-President for Technical Infrastructure
Anna Shumeyko
First Vice President, Chief of Staff of the Presidential executive office


On July 10, 2003 the Management Board of the Company set up a number of Committees to ensure the efficiency of Rostelecoms main business lines and to improve the corporate governance structure.

Budget and Investment Committee

The main objective of the Budget and Investment Committee is to facilitate decisions in the sphere of budgeting and investments necessary for the successful fulfillment of the Company's business plans, development programs and strategies as well as financial and tariff policies.

Risk Management Committee

The main purpose of the Risk Management Committee is to coordinate development of the Company's risk management system and maintain efficient risk management on all tiers ensuring balanced decision-making.

Compensation Committee

The main objective of the Compensation Committee is to create an effective system for employee compensation supporting the Company's competitive position and long-term success.

Charity Committee

The main purpose of the Charity Committee is to review issues and take decisions in respect of charitable giving and participation in social projects.