Our people

Rostelecom has over 130 thousand employees, and each plays an important role in obtaining overall success.

Today, Rostelecom is changing its business strategy and the organizational and corporate structure. We are creating an internal environment in which the employees can solve their problems and make qualified decisions to maximum effect.

Therefore, our priority is to create more opportunities for employees. Rostelecom strives to promote personal and professional growth of people and create a favorable atmosphere in the team. We offer our employees fair pay, additional measures of social security and safe working conditions.

Rostelecom places special emphasis on development and training of staff. The Company has launched a training system, the main components of which are a corporate university, an institute of internal coaches and a corporate distance training system.

For beginners we have a coaching and adaptation system. A career planning system has been developed, the “Personnel Reserve” program is underway, which allows to fill most of the vacancies with internal reserves. Every employee can take part in a joint search for solutions and propose his own idea of ​​optimizing business processes with the help of modern crowdsourcing platforms.

We are interested in engaging young and talented people.There are Rostelecom specialized departments in a number of leading higher educational establishments, which provide training for specialists in programs developed with participation of the Company. Every year, Rostelecom organizes training for university students with a view to their subsequent employment. A modular program has been developed for young employees that are already on the staff of the Company, and there is the Youth Council that operates in a number of regional branches with a view of ensuring their professional growth and social activity.

The Company strives to ensure that the employees' achievements should be estimated according to their merits, and their work in Rostelecom should bring them satisfaction and confidence in the future, apart from their income.

Preferential corporate tariffs are offered to our employees for communication services, there are programs for children’s vacations and health-resort treatment. In 2015, a program was launched to support our employees in solution of housing problems.

Rostelecom was one of the first companies that started to help redundant employees. As part of the staff outplacement program, they are offered support at all stages, including finding new jobs in other corporate units, if there are any vacancies, and even in other companies.

To enable the Company to grow and move forward, we are creating a strong corporate culture and a team in which people understand each other well at all levels. Rostelecom has passed a difficult way of integration of individual regional companies into a national telecom operator. In the space of a few years, we have jointly developed and implemented common corporate values ​​and standards.

Today, Rostelecom corporate culture is based on two Company strategic principles - efficiency and customer focus. They are specified in the adopted Code of Ethics for Rostelecom employees. Five corporate values ​​- openness, responsibility, professionalism, innovation and continuity - help us to build internal interaction and win the trust of our customers and partners.

It’s important for us to understand that people like to work for the success of the Company. Therefore, every year the employees' satisfaction level is evaluated in all regions and Company structural units, the results of which are taken into account when planning HR projects in the field of motivation, development and staff training.

We have an eventful corporate life. We hold professional skills contests, creative competitions, sports and athletic contests, we have holidays, travel together and take part in volunteer projects.

Rostelecom associates itself with the entire history of the Russian communications industry since its appearance. Communication museums operate in many of our regional branches, and the most important corporate holiday, the Company's birthday, is marked on September 25. It was on that day in 1881 that the first step was taken to starting telephone communications in our country and, on the orders of Emperor Alexander III, the “Basic Ñonditions for Ñonstruction and Operation of Urban Telephone Communications” were approved.