Rostelecom seeks to minimize its environmental impact. For this purpose, the Company implements advanced know-how in the technological sphere of activity, in the internal corporate culture, as well as in the services that Rostelecom offers to customers.

The Company's obligations related to reduction of the impact on the environment, environmental protection, environmental safety are defined in the Environmental Policy.

The main Rostelecom activities related to environment protection:

  • Reducing energy consuming equipment
    The program of increasing the energy efficiency of Rostelecom until 2023 provides for reduction of specific consumption of electric and heat energy, monitoring the level of energy resources, upgrading the energy consuming equipment, introduction of the automated control system of power and heat supply in the Company branches.
  • Alternative power sources
    Rostelecom uses environmentally efficient sources of power, such as solar panels and wind power plants, in addition to the energy generated from electricity grids.
  • Saving resources
    Rostelecom seeks to optimize consumption of consumables and resources (paper, water, fossil fuels) in the course of operation. The Company actively introduces advanced technologies, improving the culture of resource conservation among employees.
  • Ecological innovations
    Rostelecom is studying the possibility of introducing environmentally efficient technologies and equipment, as well as of monitoring the environmental safety of the existing facilities of its infrastructure.
  • Electronic bill
    At the request of customers, invoices for the Company services can be issued in the electronic form. This offers a possibility to make payment for Rostelecom's services as user-friendly as possible and significantly saves natural resources.
  • e-document management
    Rostelecom makes extensive use of the electronic document management system in its interactions with contractors and between the Company divisions. This reduces the consumption of resources, and the exchange of information becomes easier and more efficient.
  • Environmental awareness
    In the regions, where Rostelecom operates, it implements a number of programs for landscaping and waste removal, arranges environmental educational campaigns and participates in ecological events carried out by the local administration and environmental organizations.