CSR lies at the heart of the Group’s Strategy 2018-2022. We strive to do business honestly and openly, complying with ethic norms, and aim to balance our corporate interests with wishes and needs of our customers. Our business empowers connections that enable people, businesses and the State create new values. Millions of customers rely on Rostelecoms services today while simultaneously counting on us to deliver the digital Russia of tomorrow.

We are Russia's national telecommunications operator. The scope of the Company's business brings about our high social significance. Every day we improve lives of millions of people: we create educational opportunities, we empower greater levels of communication and we help people develop their own businesses.

Our strategic and operational decisions derive from key social, environmental and governance issues, and our CSR priorities are shaped by a set of principles that reminds us of the difference we strive to make in Russia, always in line with customers values. In this approach, we are united across the whole company, from our Management through to regional branches and our customers and partners, encouraging them to become part of the new world we are creating.

Rostelecom has established a set of CSR principles to faithfully perform our role as a global corporation. We perform CSR activities in line with our goals to provide the best value to our stakeholders and lead sustainable growth as a telecommunications industry partner:

  • strict statutory compliance
  • responsible partnership with the state
  • corporate governance up to world standard
  • optimum efficiency and innovation in business
  • high quality of products and services
  • consideration to colleagues, their motivation and occupational level growth
  • openness and transparency of all activities
  • intolerance to corruption
  • environment protection
  • cooperation with social institutions;
  • encouraging social progress.

Formalised in our business strategy, our CSR practices aim to safeguard the communities we work in. We encourage our customers, suppliers and stakeholders to do the same.

We are proud to participate in, support and develop:

  • The UN Global Compact
  • The Social Charter of Russian Business
  • The Global Reporting Initiative
  • Ethical business practices
  • Humanitarian projects

For the benefit of the whole country

Bridging the digital gap is one of the most important strategic and social priorities for Russia. It delivers on the need to make digital technologies available to as many people across our country as possible, regardless of their age, well-being or residency. Today, informatization drives economies and social exchange, so it is important for us to ensure high-speed Internet access in remote areas of Russia in small towns and villages, right to the last mile.

We possess all necessary technologies and infrastructure to provide Russia with equal opportunities and are convinced that making most of digital technologies promotes inclusion and ensures that all levels of society progress. We invest in creation of innovative products and services which significantly facilitate our everyday life on every level, including education, public services, housing and utilities, social service.

To the benefit of our clients

The interests of each and every customer are as important to us as the interests of society in general. It is essential for us to be able to provide targeted response to users' requirements and ensure a high level of service quality. A simple and convenient way of using services, finding quick solutions, providing prompt and timely support through different channels are our priorities. We run a customer-focused business, taking into account the best industry practices to maintain market leadership and remain the best choice for our customers for many years.

Recognising the importance of all employees, across the business

Rostelecom is not just business. In our aspiration to run a successful company and provide benefit to the society we fully rely on our employees. We appreciate and foster professionalism, creativity, expertise and we are focused on constant development and results. We regularly review and improve work conditions and develop new ways to motivate staff and build a spirit of cooperation and open dialogue between employees and management. We are all engaged and share the same ambition regardless of our location. We understand that our team drives Rostelecom's success, so we strive to create a workplace where people can always grow, personally and professionally, and where they can explore and enjoy their working life.

Crporate governance

We take our business personally. The quality of management plays a critical role in Rostelecoms business. Taking into account the Company's importance and its social and economic role, it is essential for us to be able to make timely and well-considered management decisions, meeting the interests of stakeholders, and to exercise constant control over the quality of their implementation, and the risks.

The gradual improvement of our corporate governance practices is one of Rostelecom's top priorities. Founded on world standards, it follows best management and disclosure practices, which allows us to create an environment, where trust and confidence are at our core. Rostelecom's system of corporate governance is based on the Code of Corporate Governance and the Code of Ethics centered around the following principles:

  • adherence to shareholders rights and interests and ensuring a long-term rise in the value of shares through improvement of our corporate practices and enhancement of the openness and information transparency
  • ensuring a transparent and efficient mechanism of cooperation between the Companys Management and its stakeholders, in line with the highest standards of corporate governance and business ethics
  • maintaining an efficient system of internal control and audit of the Company
  • ctive cooperation of the Company with people who are interested in ensuring long-term and sustainable development of Rostelecom.

Environmental policy

We count ourselves responsible for the protection of nature for future generations and, use best technologies to enhance the energy efficiency of business and reasonable use of resources.

Communication services do not virtually affect the environment, and only slightly affect natural landscapes and soils. The sources of small pollution include waste from Rostelecom offices, carbon emissions, discharges of pollutants into waters and construction of communication networks. Despite that, to prevent any changes in the environment and preserve a very rich nature of our country, we constantly monitor our environment impact, strictly regulate activities, related to the use of resources, and regularly review the world standards of environmental safety.

Social projects

Historically, Rostelecom is deeply integrated into the life of Russian society. That is why, social projects are a very important part of Rostelecom's social responsibility.

We are convinced that Rostelecom's social role is an integral part of our business. We contribute to the development of the society using our skills and resources in telecommunications to assist in solving the most urgent and critical social problems.

The Company believes that its mission does not only consist in provision of high-quality services for its customers, but in rendering assistance in supporting local communities in regions, helping to shape a stable social environment and improve the quality of life.

Rostelecom carries out many projects intended to support education, development of sports and culture. It provides assistance in health care and solution of social exclusion problems.