Corporate Identity

Rostelecom’s logo and symbol form the basis of its corporate identity and must be used in all types of marketing communications materials.

The logo, symbol and firm block have defined dimensions and proportions. These elements of the corporate identity must be reproduced only from the original files attached below, in strict conformance with the rules on using the corporate identity. They may not be reproduced using graphic editors or other software.

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Logotypes 2018

Logotype RGB
Download (PNG, 2.1 梳)
Download (EPS, 642.7 梳)
Logotype CMYK
Download (PNG, 2.1 梳)
Download (EPS, 1.2 提)
Vertical logotype RGB
Main type
Download (PNG, 13.5 梳)
Download (EPS, 1.3 提)
Vertical logotype CMYK
Main type
Download (PNG, 11.9 梳)
Download (EPS, 1.8 提)
Horizontal logotype RGB
Download (PNG, 14.2 梳)
Download (EPS, 1.1 提)
Horizontal logotype CMYK
Download (PNG, 13.3 梳)
Download (EPS, 1.7 提)

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