Rostelecom. About company

Rostelecom is Russia’s largest provider of digital services and solutions. It operates across all market segments to serve millions of Russian households.

The company is an unrivalled leader in the Russian broadband access and PayTV service market with broadband subscriber base exceeding 13 million and a PayTV subscriber base of more than 10.2 million, 5.3 million of whom are also subscribed to our IPTV services. Rostelecom has a mobile subscriber number of more than 1 million.

During the twelve months of 2018, the Group generated RUB 320.2 billion in revenue, RUB 100.9 billion of OIBDA (31.5% of revenue) and RUB 15.0 billion of net income.

A reliable partner to the Russian State and Business, Rostelecom is an important innovator in E-Government, cloud computing, healthcare, education, security and housing & utility services.

In the mass market the Company develops a wide line of services designed for families, including basic telecommunications services and Smart Home digital solutions, on-line education, gaming, etc.

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