Far East Macroregional Division

General Information

Rostelecom’s Far East Macroregional Division operates across Russias Far Eastern Federal District. It was set up in April 2011 on the basis of OJSCDalsvyaz after that company was taken over by Rostelecom.

The Divisions subscriber base in 2013 consisted of 1.4 million fixed-line users, 300,000mobile users, 700,000 broadband customers and 300,000pay TV subscribers.


Rostelecom Far East today comprises 7 regional branches: Amur, Kamchatka, Magadan, Primorsky, Sakhalin, Khabarovsk and Sakhatelecom.


  • Andrey Kartashov, Vice-President Director
  • Viktor Agranat, Director, Department of Department of mobilization training, civil defense and emergencies
  • Bair Aiusheev, Deputy Director of the Macroregional Branch Mass Segment Business Director
  • Lyubov Alekseeva, Director of Department of External Communications
  • Roman Andrianov, Director, Department of Legal Affairs
  • Alexander Bakhantsov, Deputy Director of the Macroregional Branch - Technical Director
  • Vitaly Dobzhinsky, Deputy Director of the Macroregional Branch IT Director
  • Andrey Gubenko, Deputy Director Security Director
  • Alexander Kosterin, Deputy Director of the Macroregional Branch Corporate and Government Customer Business Director
  • Ivan Lyubushkin, Deputy Director Finance Director
  • Elena Simonova, Deputy Director Director of Organizational Development and Human Resources
  • Ruslan Tulaganov, Deputy Director of the Macroregional Branch Applied Projects Director


Address: 57, Svetlanskaya, 690950 Vladivistok, Russia
Phone: 7 (423) 220-85-00
Fax: 7 (423) 240-80-30
Email: dsv@dv.rt.ru

For media inquiries:
Department of External Communications
Email: pr@dv.rt.ru