Center Macroregional Division

Center Macro-regional Branch (Center MRF) of PJSC Rostelecom operates in Moscow, Moscow Region and the Central Federal District.

Center MRF offers to both its corporate customers and individuals a complete range of telecommunications services underpinned by its own high-tech core network: voice services, high-speed Internet access using various access technologies (FTTõ, xDSL, õPON), data services, wireline and wireless sound broadcasting services, cable and digital TV, and interconnection and traffic delivery services to other telecommunications operators.

Also, Center MRF develops provision of wireless broadband Internet access services: in order to get connected to Internet subscribers can use WiFi routers. Additionally, within the framework of Elimination of Digital Inequality project, WiFi routers are deployed in local communities with population of over 250 people to enable wireless Internet connections.

As of 1 October 2015 Center MRF covers Moscow and Moscow region, and also includes 12 local branches located in the following regions of the Central Federal District: 

  • Belgorod region, 
  • Bryansk region (the branch is combined with Orel region), 
  • Vladimir region (the branch is combined with Ivanovo region), 
  • Voronezh region, Kaluga region, 
  • Kostroma region (the branch is combined with Yaroslavl region), 
  • Kursk region, 
  • Lipetsk region, 
  • Orel region, 
  • Smolensk region, 
  • Tambov region, 
  • Tver region, 
  • Tula region (the branch is combined with Ryazan region).

Center MRF at a glance:

  • 697 841.58 thousand km of subscriber lines;
  • 5.51 million fixed line subscribers;
  • 46 international, domestic long-distance and area network nodes;
  • 269.43 thousand wireline broadcast subscribers;
  • 14 cable networks in major cities;
  • 2.45 million connected subscribers of broadband Internet;
  • 3.34 million cable TV subscribers.

Center MRF offers all types of telecommunications services in the Central Federal District under a single Rostelecom brand, while in Moscow broadband and digital TV services are offered under Onlime brand.


Address: Business center «Comcity», Moscow, Kievskoe shosse 22km, household 6 build. 1
Phone: 7 (499) 998-16-16
Fax: 7 (499) 998-16-15

For media inquiries:
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