Report vulnerability information or occurrence of information security incident

Rostelecom is committed to maintain cybersecurity of technical infrastructure and its digital products. We value experience of and appreciate support offered by cybersecurity community, that facilitates eliminating potential problems faster and more efficiently.

You can use this section to report any vulnerabilities and information security incidents, connected with:

  • technical infrastructure of Rostelecom Group of Companies, including subsidiaries;
  • digital products and services;
  • national projects or state IT systems, residing in Rostelecom address space.
Experts of Cybersecurity Center will review reports and will contact you whenever required in order to get additional information and rectify the problem as soon as possible.

Who will review your reports?

Cybersecurity and Protection Center was set up in 2016 with the following responsibilities:

  • monitoring of and response to cyberattacks;
  • analysis of protection of infrastructure and products;
  • analysis of external threats and proactive response;
  • audit and compliance with statutory regulations;
  • design, implementation and maintenance of information protection systems.

Rostelecom has established its own Security Operations Center (RT SOC) for round-the-clock (24x7) monitoring and responding to cyberattacks.

A special purpose separate unit called RT CERT was set up on the basis of RT SOC, tasked with the following:

  • proactive detection and responding to cyberthreats;
  • investigating the occurred incidents;
  • identification of targeted attack signs (APT ó Advanced Persistent Threat);
  • exchanging information about cyberthreats with partners and professional community;
  • fighting cybercriminals.