Industrial Internet for Business

Companies are interested in investing not simply in the data monitoring, but in creation of new business models based on those data. Digital processes, from the point of view of project development, production and operation, are already closely integrated in the production cycle (for example, PCS already exist), but so far there were many digital disruptions in production because the process is not fully automated yet. Elimination of those disruptions in the production cycle is exactly the task for the IIoT. Rostelecom may act in this respect as an engineering center for a digital support of a product life cycle. The company is implementing the pilot projects in various fields in order to understand what features the platform should have.

Rostelecom is creating an IIoT platform based on recommendations and methodology suggested by IIC and taking into account the best practices and the Russian market specifics. Rostelecom’s IIoT platform is a multicomponent system that provides for a complete processing cycle for the data received from various devices connected to the Internet, that is: receipt, primary processing, long-term storage, transmission and use in various end solutions.

The platformís objective is to provide the technological base for creation of various full cycle solutions for the industrial production, from gathering and processing the primary data (from the meters, detectors and sensors), to providing tools for visualization and analysis.

Rostelecom is open for cooperation and is interested in engaging a large number of partners and solutions developers who use the IIoT platform. Such an approach allows lowering the infrastructure costs for both the developers and the end clients, as well as avoiding significant capital expenditures by introducing the service-based delivery.

Rostelecom is implementing projects all over Russia for introduction of infrastructure management systems in the fields of power industry, housing and utilities sector, video surveillance and lighting. Automated street lighting in Balakovo, boiler-houses and utility facilities monitoring system in the Moscow Region, online monitoring for an apartment building in Perm are among the projects that have already been successfully implemented.