Rostelecomís role in the IIoT development

Rostelecom plays a major role in the Industrial Internet development

Availability of a secure and reliable data collection and processing infrastructure and a point of integration for solutions of any level is a key pre-requisite for realization of all benefits offered by the industrial internet.

Rostelecom possesses a unique telecommunications and computing infrastructure and protected systems and services integrated on its basis, as well as:

  • offers data services based on various technologies: fixed, mobile and satellite communications links;
  • consolidates its position as the largest player on the Russian DC market;
  • has gained vast experience in developing industry specific solutions as a reliable business-integrator ensuring implementation of complex solutions on the basis of best market practices and tailored according to individual customer’s requirements.

In 2015 pursuant to a decision of Rostelecom Board of Directors Industrial Internet was identified as one of the strategic lines of Rostelecom development. On July 5, 2017 Russian President Vladimir Putin chaired a meeting of the committee for strategic development and top priority projects. Discussion of the draft program for digital economy where Rostelecom President Mikhail Oseevskiy was one of key speakers became the central issue discussed at the meeting.

Mikhail Oseevskiy, President of Rostelecom:
“Transition to the digital economy requires creation not only of a basic infrastructure, but also implementation of projects on the basis of digital platforms. Rostelecom is currently tackling a number of such projects among which I would specifically mention the industrial internet platform, as well as the national biometric platform. We have identified four key industries where solutions developed by us will be used extensively, namely: oil and gas production, power industry, machine manufacturing and agriculture”.

Rostelecom moves forward the IIoT both at the institutional level by creating roadmaps and participating in sector-specific international organizations, and through pilot projects implementation. Also the Operator initiated creation of a National Association of the Industrial Internet market participants, that serves as the legal and organizational basis of the Industrial Internet Consortium. Rostelecom claimed its major part in concrete projects in this area, as an operator of production data collection and processing, and as a supplier of the platform to serve as the basis for deployment of applications designed for large industrial enterprises.

Since 2017 there has been a new position in Rostelecom organization, called Vice President for Service Platform. Roman Shulginov was appointed to hold this new position. Previously, Roman was director of the department for development of corporate and production automated management systems in PJSC Rosseti. Roman currently oversees creation of the service platform, its deployment and operation and market launch of new information and ICT services.

Presently, Rostelecom is actively creating an industrial internet platform that is supposed to provide for a complete cycle of processing data received from various Internet-connected devices. Such a system would not only gather and process raw data (sent by meters, detectors and sensors), but also provide tools for visualization and analysis. Notably, in February 2017 Rostelecom signed an agreement with GazpromNeft for adaptation of the platform to that companyís business processes and production applications development.