Investor relations

Rostelecom, as a listed company with its shares traded on major Russian and international markets, follows the best standards of corporate governance and disclosure. Constantly making efforts to further enhance corporate practices and improve transparency, we strive to provide investors with detailed information about the Company. Therefore, one of our primary tasks is to ensure the accessibility and usability of our website and the accuracy and relevance of its content.

The Investor Centre on the corporate website is developed for the Company to effectively communicate with its investment community through a user-friendly and interactive interface.


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06 September
AK&M awards Rostelecom top sustainability rating
15 August
Rostelecom greenlights automatic conversion of ADRs at Russian depositories
26 July
Rostelecom announces RUB 15 bn bond placement. Coupon set at 8.75%
01 July
Rostelecom shareholders approve FY 2021 dividend
07 June
Rostelecom announces RUB 15 bn bond placement. Coupon set at 10.2%
30 May
Rostelecoms Board of Directors recommends to pay dividend for FY 2021
13 May
Notice regarding ADR programme
13 May
On financial statements of Rostelecom for Q1 2022
19 April
Rostelecom successfully completes secondary placement of RUB 3 billion of exchange-traded bonds
01 April
Rostelecoms Board of Directors convenes AGM