Rostelecom named platinum employer in Forbes ranking

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Rostelecom has earned a place among Russia’s top employers in Forbes 2022 ranking, moving up from last year’s Gold placement into the Platinum category. The ranking considers how well companies integrate ESG goals into their operations, establishes compliance with best corporate practices and gauges how attractive each company is for employees. In this light, the overall score[i] for each company in 2022 was based on three groups of metrics: Environmental (40-percent weighting), Social (50-percent weighting) and Governance (10-percent weighting). Rostelecom’s overall score on all metrics earned it a place in the Platinum category, where it sits among the most attractive employers in the country.

Rostelecom plays a significant role in Russia’s sustainable development. This is a core pillar of our strategy, which embeds financial, environmental and social goals and objectives into key processes and corporate decision making. This approach reflects our corporate values, encompassing development, human touch, simplicity, and adaptability. With this in mind, Rostelecom is taking consistent measures to use natural resources more rationally, promote advances in technology, and further innovation in the industry and Russia as a whole. For several years, we have been running our own social programmes to level the digital playing field for everyone in Russia. Rostelecom therefore creates long-term economic, environmental and social value for both current and future generations.

Rostelecom’s structured corporate governance framework meets international and Russian best practice standards – the three-tier corporate governance model is effective, defines three lines of defence to ensure the safety and efficient use of funds provided by shareholders, and is aimed at reducing risks that cannot be assessed by investors.

As one of Russia’s largest employers, Rostelecom is committed to providing comfortable working conditions for its people, including by adopting hybrid working models, and is focused on creating opportunities for development and self-fulfilment. The Company boasts employee incentive and development programmes, additional health insurance, telemedicine services, as well as retirement plans and housing programmes for employees, which are all aimed at supporting hundreds of thousands of people across Russia. Our company-wide continuous learning engine allows employees of varying ages and backgrounds to develop in-demand skills, while digital courses and workshops unlock the professional potential of employees anywhere in the country. Rostelecom is particularly focused on fostering young talent, launching early career development programmes. Youth councils sit across the Company, and we offer new graduates coaching and mentoring programmes.

Rostelecom also supports its people’s own social initiatives; for example, corporate volunteering programmes involving thousands of participants run each year, giving everyone the opportunity to showcase the best of their personal qualities.

[i] For more information on the methodology Forbes used to compile the ranking, click here.