Virtual meeting with management

Value Creation Through the Development of Digital Clusters as part of Rostelecoms Strategy for 2021-2025


  • Mikhail Oseevskiy

    Mikhail Oseevskiy

    President of Rostelecom

  • Sergey Anokhin

    Sergey Anokhin

    Senior Vice President and CFO of Rostelecom

  • Igor Lyapunov

    Igor Lyapunov

    Vice President for Information Security of Rostelecom

  • Pavel Kaplunov

    Pavel Kaplunov

    General Director of Rostelecom Data Centers (RTK-DC)

  • Ekaterina Ustinova

    Ekaterina Ustinova

    IR Director of Rostelecom


Press release

The agenda

  • 16:00 (Moscow time) Introduction
  • 16:05 (Moscow time) Management Presentation
  • 16:50 (Moscow time) Q&A session
  • 17:30 (Moscow time) Closing remarks