AK&M awards Rostelecom top sustainability rating

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AK&M, a leading Russian rating agency, has rated Rostelecomís 2021 Sustainability Report RESG 1, the highest possible level of social disclosure in a companyís public reports.

In the 2021 report, Rostelecom unveiled its inaugural long-term ESG strategy, which runs through 2025, with each section consistent with the strategyís stated principles and goals. Investing in human capital development is a top priority at Rostelecom. As one of Russiaís biggest employers with over 126.8 thousand employees, the Company spent just short of RUB 100 billion on payroll in 2021 and close to half a billion roubles on training, while health and safety expenses came in at RUB 1.6 billion. In this light, a key section of the report covers information about our people and their working conditions, as well as employee development and social support measures.

The report highlights the Companyís contribution towards Russiaís National Projects, laying out in particular detail Rostelecomís work on the Digital Economy project and all of its subprojects.

AK&Mís rating sees our report as eye-catching, well structured and intuitive to read. All achieved results are compared against targets and benchmarks. To make metrics in the report more digestible, we charted them against our performance over the past four to five years.

Prompted by Rostelecomís strong ESG showing, AK&M now recommends companies to cover their ability to handle emergencies and maintain stability in their reports.

You can read the full 2021 Sustainability Report here: https://www.company.rt.ru/en/social/report/.

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AK&M launched its ESG reporting rating in 2020. The rating focuses on how complete and transparent sustainability-related information is in both annual and sustainability reports, looking at 88 different markers. The ratingís key aim is to showcase to the professional community best practices in social and environmental information disclosure.

In 2022, the ESG reporting rating covered Russiaís leading companies, the countryís first to build sustainable businesses.