Passing on the mantle by tutors – A Way to Digital Russia

Since 2018, Rostelecom has supported the social project “Passing On the Mantle by Tutors – A Way to Digital Russia”. The Project is being implemented jointly with the “Under the Flag of Goodness” charity foundation and helps children with creative abilities who were left without parental care or who found themselves in a difficult life situation to reveal their abilities.

Ñhildren living in boarding schools lack care of adults who would support them in making important decisions and would help them to believe in their capabilities and talents. They do not have a chance to get training from subject matter experts, and it is difficult for them to realize their potential. The above Rostelecom project is aimed at solution of this problem in a systematic way. Talented orphans, children who were left without parental care or who found themselves in a difficult life situation, participate in the project together with adult tutors who support and develop their creative potential.

The volunteer tutors participating in the project undergo special training and work under the guidance of creative curators - professional actors, artists, clip makers, journalists, specialists in medicine and psychology. Throughout the year, the tutors communicate with children under their care, develop interpersonal skills, form high aesthetic needs and broaden their minds.

In the academic year 2018–2019, 40 gifted children from Moscow, Smolensk and Astrakhan, who found themselves in a difficult life situation, are taking part in the project with support of Rostelecom. About one hundred children from their immediate social environment are also involved in the project activities. The Ñompany provides modern software and digital technologies for communication between participants and tutors in all cities.

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