“We teach-we know”

The socio-educational project “We teach-we know” was launched in 2014. Its task is to help children going through long-term in-patient treatment in oncohematological departments of hospitals, receive comprehensive education under the state school program. Teachers working in hospitals, supported by the Ministry of Education of Russia and the Ministry of Health of Russia are involved in the creation and dissemination of special practices of teaching children during treatment. They also help students to join the educational process after its completion. The project is supported by leading specialized medical associations and research centers, federal and regional agencies, and top officials of the state.

Within a period of five years, ñomprehensive schools have been established in large federal and regional children's hospitals and children's oncohematological centers in 25 constituent territories of the Russian Federation. They trained more than 20 thousand children. In 2019, several other cities are preparing to open educational sites.

The “We teach-we know” project has several times become the winner of annual awards.

This is what Arina Sharapova, President of the Autonomous non-profit organization "Artmediaobrazovaniye", says:

"This is a high assessment of the work of teachers participating in the project and all partners who create conditions for improving the quality of life of young patients and contribute to the humanitarian efforts of their recovery and return to a productive life."

Apart from training upon the state school program with consideration of the status of a sick child, schooling under the “We teach-we know” project also includes programs of additional education, bright events featuring interesting people, creative and research sessions that inspire the child to recover and support his family members.

Under the project Rostelecom implements the "Steps to Success!" socio-educational program. Children undergoing treatment, participate in it with their parents. Through training in media technologies, personal development and art pedagogy, the program helps children escape from the disease, acquire self-presentation skills, confidence necessary for passing state exams and participating in intellectual competitions.

More about the project: www.uchimznaem.ru.