Rostelecom leads the Free Call service market according to TMT Consulting ratings for 2020

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Moscow, Russia – April 5, 2021 – Rostelecom group (MOEX: RTKM, RTKMP; OTCQX: ROSYY), the largest integrated digital service provider in Russia, today announces it has been named the leading provider of 8-800 Free Call services in Russia according to estimates by TMT Consulting, an independent consulting agency.

According to TMT Consulting data, the free call service market (8-800) grew by 22% in Russia in 2020, to amount to RUB 10.4 billion.

The market experienced significant growth in 2020 as companies transitioned to remote operation during the pandemic, causing a significant increase in incoming traffic for to 8-800 numbers associated with emergency hotlines, banking sector customer services, e-commerce, medicine, cargo transportation, tourism, and the public sector.

Rostelecom occupies 34% of the entire Free Call service market, making it the market leader in 2020, and the Company also has the largest numbering base, equalling 35% of the total numbering capacity in the 8-800 service category.

TMT Consulting observed the market is expected to return to pre-Covid-19 growth rates in 2021 of 5% for the year. As the situation in Russia stabilizes and operators introduce specialized solutions, the number of clients from the SMB segment will increase, with 8-800 numbers needing to be connected via virtual PBX systems, to facilitate the provision of a wide range of services, statistics and analytics.

Denis Ryabchenkov, Director of Product Management for the Corporate and State Segment of PJSC Rostelecom:
“The 8-800 number has become critical to the functioning of companies operating over broad geographies, who need uniform service standards to be maintained across all offices. Therefore, the service is widely deployed by companies engaged in tourism, advertising, the manufacturing of goods, as well as companies operating in transportation, banking and insurance. We are proud to be recognized once more as the leader in the provision of intelligent services throughout Russia.”

The 8-800 Free call number is one of the most popular of all Rostelecom services. It is provided using a specialized, intelligent platform which enables any company to organize a round-the-clock hotline or customer information support service, based on a single intelligent 8-800-xxx-xxxx number. Diallers are not charged for dialling 8-800 numbers, instead the service is paid for by the companies at a special rate. Rostelecom has a large pool of 8-800 numbers available, including memorable numbers that are easy to remember.