Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a collective governing body of the Company, responsible for its general management as stipulated in the Charter and Regulations on the Board of Directors.

The activity of the Board of Directors is aimed at profit maximization and capitalization growth, protection of rights and legitimate interests of shareholders, as well as the provision of complete, accurate and objective public information about the Company.

Members of the Board of Directors are elected annually at AGM by cumulative voting.

Sergei Ivanov
Chairman of the Board
Special Representative of the Russian President for nature protection, environmental and transport matters
Ruben Aganbegyan
Advisor to General Director of LLC VEB Capital
Independent Director
Alexander Auzan
Dean of Department of Economics of Lomonosov Moscow State University
Independent Director
Kirill Dmitriev
General director of JSC RDIF Management Company
Anton Zlatopolsky
General director of GTK Russia TV Channel
Sergei Kalugin
Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation
Mikhail Oseevskiy
President of Rostelecom
Mikhail Poluboyarinov
First Deputy Chairman of Vnesheconombank
Vadim Semenov
Chairman of the supervisory board of GK Avtodor
Independent Director
Alexei Yakovizkiy
General director of JSC VTB Capital
Independent Director

On 25th June 2018 the Board of Directors elected Sergei Ivanov as the Chairman of the Board.

On 5th July 2018 the Board of Directors recognized Ruben Aganbegyan, Alexander Auzan, Vadim Semenov, Alexei Yakovizkiy as independent directors and elected Alexander Auzan as the senior independent director.


A number of Committees reporting to the Board of Directors have been established at Rostelecom to enhance corporate governance standards.

Board Audit Committee

  1. Alexander Auzan, senior independent director;
  2. Ruben Aganbegyan, independent director;
  3. Vadim Semenov, chairman of the committee, independent director.
PDF, 98.43 Kb
Audit Committee Regulations of Rostelecom

Board Strategy Committee

  1. Alexei Yakovizkiy, independent director, chairman of the committee;
  2. Ruben Aganbegyan, independent director;
  3. Alexander Auzan, senior independent director;
  4. Mikhail Oseevskiy.
PDF, 79.28 Kb
Strategy Committee Regulations

Board Nominations and Remuneration Committee

  1. Ruben Aganbegyan, chairman of the committee, independent director;
  2. Alexander Auzan, senior independent director;
  3. Vadim Semenov, independent director;
  4. Alexei Yakovizkiy, independent director.
PDF, 444.84 Kb
Nominations and Remuneration Committee Regulations

Board Corporate Governance Committee

  1. Vadim Semenov, independent director;
  2. Anton Zlatopolsky;
  3. Mikhail Oseevskiy;
  4. Sergei Kalugin;
  5. Alexander Pchelintsev, chairman of the committee.
PDF, 417.4 Kb
Corporate Governance Committee

Board Investment Committee

  1. Alexander Auzan, chairman of the committee, senior independent director;
  2. Oleg Byakhov;
  3. Alexander Pchelintsev.
PDF, 78.54 Kb
Investment Committee