Rostelecom Transport SDN successful Interoperability Proof of Concept

Rostelecom Transport SDN successful Interoperability Proof of Concept with NEC/Netcracker, Nokia and Huawei

Service providers are looking towards software-defined networking (SDN) to enable automation and programmability of their transport optical networks in order to quickly deploy new revenue-generating network services, such as bandwidth on demand, and reduce costs related to service provisioning, maintenance and restoration. In turn, this is driving a need for open systems/software that can interoperate without significant integration costs.

However, Transport SDN (T-SDN) deployments today are mainly limited to single domains because interoperability between different vendors is complex. A new hierarchical networking approach is needed that provides complete end-to-end control and visibility, automating the operations across separate optical multi-vendor domains.

In this paper, we discuss the Transport SDN proof of concept by Rostelecom, together with NEC/Netcracker, Nokia and Huawei, and key results. This was the first multi-vendor Transport SDN demonstration in the Russian Federation and uses NEC/Netcracker’s umbrella Multilayer SDN Controller managing three optical network domain controllers including NEC’s Optical T-SDN Controller, Nokia’s Network Services Platform and Huawei’s Agile Controller-Transport.

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