Andrey Patoka appointed as CEO of Tele2 Russia

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Tele2 Russia, the alternative mobile operator, has announced the appointment of Andrey Patoka as the company CEO. He previously held the position of Deputy General Director for Product, Marketing and Development for Federal Clients. As head of the company, Andrey Patoka will focus on maintaining strong growth in financial and operational performance, strengthening Tele2's reputation as the industry trendsetter and launching the best solutions for clients.

On June 15, the Tele2 Russia Board of Directors approved the candidacy of Andrey Patoka as the CEO of the company. Sergey Emdin, who took over Tele2 Russia in February 2016, will continue his career in another field. During the five years of his leadership, Tele2 Russia has significantly improved its financial and operational performance, becoming a nationwide player and trendsetter in provided products and services.

During 2016 – 2020, Tele2 Russia client base grew by 20%, and the number of active data users added 67%. The company rolled out its networks in a total of 68 regions. Over the course of five years, Tele2 Russia demonstrated an unprecedented pace of constructing new networks. The number of base stations during this period more than tripled, and at the end of 2020, all sites of the company were equipped with 4G equipment. In 2017, Tele2 Russia introduced new lifestyle enabler business strategy, becoming the creator of a digital ecosystem based on mobile services. The company regularly launched innovative products that were completely unique on the telecom market.

In 2019, Rostelecom successfully closed a deal to consolidate 100% of Tele2 Russia, creating new sources of growth and improving efficiency. Since then, Tele2 Russia has put a new stake on completely new business activities. As part of the MVNO Factory project, the company launched 20 virtual network operators with total number of clients exceeding 4.8 million by the end of 2020.

The transformation of Tele2's business was based on strategically important projects led and implemented by Andrey Patoka as the Deputy General Director for Product, Marketing and Development for Federal Clients. He joined Tele2 Russia in August 2016. Andrey Patoka participated actively in the development and launch of the lifestyle enabler strategy and the “Other rules” communication platform, updating the company's approach to creating new products and managing its corporate activity. Thanks to the effective work of his team, Tele2 Russia has been the unprecedented leader in the industry in terms of NPS and other marketing indicators for several years.

Prior to his career at Tele2 Russia, in 2008 – 2014, Andrey Patoka worked at VimpelCom in managerial positions such as Executive Vice President for Business Development in the corporate market and Executive Vice President for Infrastructure Development. In early 2015, he was appointed Executive Vice President for Business Development at Vimpelсom Ltd. in the CIS region.

Mikhail Oseevsky, President of PJSC Rostelecom:
“Tele2 Russia achieved outstanding results under the leadership of Sergey Emdin by expanding its presence, improving network coverage, actively developing new business areas, and becoming the first in Russia to launch a 5G network. The “Other rules” concept allowed the company to become a market trendsetter. As a result, Tele2 Russia achieved steady growth in key financial and operational indicators and took a leading position in terms of business development in both Russian and international levels. I would like to thank Sergey for his great contribution to the development of Tele2's business. In turn, Andrey Patoka's career has always been closely connected with the telecom market. His extensive experience in the industry, combined with the achievements in the transformation of Tele2 Russia, make his appointment the logical next step. Andrey is an inspiring and ambitious leader with wide expertise in management. I am confident that under his leadership Tele2 Russia will continue its active development, contributing to the further growth of the results of the Rostelecom Group.”

Andrey Patoka, CEO of Tele2 Russia:
“Thanks to the efforts of our team, Tele2 Russia has maintained double-digit growth rates even during the pandemic, confirming that we have picked the correct strategy. The company's key priority is to protect the interests of its clients and create innovative products by its own rules. We want to be the favorite mobile service provider for those who are looking for value and lead a digital lifestyle. The company will continue to invest in developing its network and maintaining the best customer experience in the market while providing the most profitable service packages. I’d like to thank our clients for their loyalty and support!”