Rostelecom launches heat-detecting camera to protect people from Covid-19

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Rostelecom has launched a unique comprehensive solution for high-precision remote body temperature measurement for offices that can't be switched to remote working.

This heat-detection solution designed to screen up to 80 people per second simultaneously for signs they may be running a fever and potentially be infected. If elevated temperatures are detected, alerts are sent to the operator of the screening stations to help them identify people who may have the infection.

Rostelecom’s solution allows fully automatic high-precision calibration that delivers real-time, fast and remote body temperature screening, accurate to within 0.3°C. The thermal screening is streamed directly to and recorded securely in corporate video archives in visible and infrared ranges of spectrum and can also be easily integrated with companies access control systems.

The contactless and automated solution has been designed to support the wide range of industries on the frontline of the nations fight against coronavirus, such as healthcare, energy, agricultural sectors, food and processing industries. It will help ensure the personnels safety and will help minimize risks of further spread of Covid-19. Rostelecom has already installed stationary thermal screening points at a number of large companies across Russian regions.