Rostelecom to launch a large-scale Moscow DC for 6,710 racks

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Moscow, Russia November 17, 2021 Rostelecom PJSC (MOEX - RTS: RTKM, RTKMP; OTCQX: ROSYY), Russias largest integrated digital company, today announces that RTK-DC has acquired a new facility to build a new data center in South Moscow. The total area of 57,291 sqm will host four data centers with 6,710 racks and an overall capacity of 55 kW. The staged launch will see first 1,000 racks commissioned in September 2022.

The project design is in line with the highest Tier III standards for infrastructure functionality and capacity, introduced by the Uptime Institute. With all reserved infrastructure systems in place, including continuous power supply and cooling systems, allowing for uninterrupted maintenance and functioning, the new data center will receive a multi-layered Tier III certification for Design, Facility and Operational Sustainability.

Today, the Moscow DC market is significantly undersupplied with a capacity shortage of almost 900 new racks per year. The new project will help fill that gap and satisfy the high demand for data center infrastructure and services, especially thanks to its favourable location and good public transport access.

Yuri Samoilov, First Deputy Director General of Rostelecom Data Center:
We are seeing an ever growing demand from businesses and state organisations for data center services, and the market is currently unable to satisfy that demand. Our large-scale project in Moscow will be instrumental in helping fill the capacity gap, enabling businesses to implement their digital projects and build solid internal IT infrastructures based on reliable and sustainable technologies.

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Rostelecom Data Centers (RTK-DC) is the managing company of Rostelecom Competence Center for the development of DC services and infrastructure, cloud, Internet Exchange and software integration and development projects. RTK-DC provides a technological platform which comprises a set of competencies delivered by MSK-IX, DataLine, Ngenix, Tionix, TCI, Rostelecom Digital Technologies and other companies of the Group. RTK-DC is the core center for delivery of IT systems development, roll-out and maintenance services. The company is partially owned by Bank VTB (44.8% stake).

RTK-DC manages a distributed DC network across Russia with a total capacity of 13,500 racks (in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Udomlya, Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg), as well as public cloud platforms (IaaS, platform services, VDI, DR and storage etc.), inter DC data transfer (the largest traffic exchange point in Russia MSK-IX), telecommunications, private cloud, integration projects, software and hardware development services.

RTK-DC is a market leader in commercial data centers (based on CNews 2020, iKSConsulting 2020) and IaaS provider (TMT Consulting 2020). [DS1]

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