Rostelecom launches a new Tier III data center in Saint-Petersburg for 800 racks

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Moscow, Russia – December 8, 2020 Rostelecom Group (MOEX: RTKM, RTKMP; OTCQX: ROSYY), the largest integrated digital service provider in Russia, today announces the launch of a new data center in Saint-Petersburg. With the capability to deliver 7,400 kW of power, it will accommodate a total area of 4,266 sqm to serve 800 client racks spread across four sections.

The new data-center meets the Tier III standards for infrastructure functionality and capacity. With all reserved infrastructure systems in place, it allows for uninterrupted maintenance thanks to independent continuous electricity supply and better connectivity, to meet the performance levels businesses depend on.

Pavel Kaplunov, Vice President for Cloud Services:
“The new data canter in St-Pete will become another regional hub of our expanded data center network across the entire country. Our new clients will enjoy a whole range of services including colocation, IaaS and other solutions, that have proved successful in Moscow.. The enhanced data centre capacity will be particularly relevant to existing clients by ensuring regional reservation and supporting post-emergency recovery. All data center services will be delivered according to the unified Uptime Institute standards.”

The new St-Pete data centre has marked the third consecutive launch in 2020, following the commissioning earlier this year, of two new data centres in Moscow for 700 racks. Today, Rostelecom’s total capacity has reached 12.2k racks. In 2021, Rostelecom plans to continue further expansion of its regional networks of high-performing Tier III data centers by launching sites in Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg. The first queue of the Moscow Tier IV data center is also expected to be commissioned in the short term.

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