Rostelecom leads the market for Free Call services according to the 2019 TMT Consulting rating

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Moscow, Russia – May 18, 2020 Rostelecom PJSC (MOEX: RTKM, RTKMP; OTCQX: ROSYY), the largest integrated digital service provider in Russia, today announces that according to ratings provided by TMT Consulting, an independent consulting agency (see link), Rostelecom leads the market for the 8-800 Free Call service.

According to TMT Consulting, market volume for Free Calls (8-800) in Russia grew by 4% in 2019 compared to 2018 and amounted to 8.5 billion rubles.

Rostelecom’s leading position in the market equates to a 34% share of the entire Free Call service market. The company also has the largest number base, amounting to 41% of the total 8-800 number capacity allocated to operators.

The agency notes that despite the reduction in the fixed telephony market, demand for the 8-800 service remains and users of the Free Call service are typically large Federal companies. Market participants are also observing growing interest in the service from companies working in the regions with interest growing among small and medium-sized enterprises using virtual PBX services.[1]

Denis Ryabchenkov, Director of Product Management at the corporate and state segment of Rostelecom PJSC:
“Having access to the 8-800 number provides companies and entrepreneurs of all sizes with advantages. We are pleased that due to its wide functionality, the reliability of communication services and uninterrupted operation of the product, we are leaders in the field of providing intelligent services throughout Russia.”

The free call 8-800 code is one of the most popular services provided by Rostelecom and it is run on a specialized platform. The service allows any company to organize a hotline or customer support service on the basis of a single intelligent number 8-800-xxx-xxxx. It is free of charge for customers and paid by the company at a special rate. Rostelecom has a large pool of 8-800 numbers available, including so-called beautiful numbers that are easy to remember.

An intelligent number can be used to organize round-the-clock hotlines, information support services and contact centers during temporary campaigns. Convenient 8-800 numbers with repeating numbers are easy to remember and make advertising more effective. When client services or products are needed, the customer immediately recalls a simple number.

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[1] The Virtual PBX service eliminates the need for customers to buy and maintain telecommunication equipment, it is located on the provider's server and connects subscribers through the cloud. Rostelecom provides the customer with the opportunity to fully organize telephony for a business of any scale - from a startup to a large national company with a large selection of additional features, such as monitoring calls or recording telephone conversations. The owners of "Virtual PBX" have the opportunity through their personal account to independently manage their telephone network and configure it to the needs of their business.