Rostelecom to start co-investing with the Russian Internet Initiatives Development Fund

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Moscow, Russia – January 21, 2020 Rostelecom PJSC (MOEX - RTS: RTKM, RTKMP; OTCQX: ROSYY), Russia’s largest digital communication services provider, and the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) are establishing a strategic partnership, launched to develop the Russian venture capital market. Rostelecom will collaborate with IIDF by joining the Funds Investment Division charter capital “IIDF Invest” a shareholder in more than 350 IT start-ups. Rostelecom investments will boost the funds portfolio and help provide financing for new Russian start-ups.

Rostelecoms investment in IIDF Invest will amount to RUB 2 billion, representing a 31.03% share in the Funds charter capital in total, with the first 18.36% secured in December 2019 and the remaining investment being finalised by the end of January 2020. Rostelecom representatives will join the investment committee of the fund.

IIDF Invest will use the investment proceeds to support new innovation projects and provide additional support to the funds most promising existing projects. The investment offer for start-ups will be reviewed, whereby pre-seed stage companies will get up to Rub 5 million of financing, while growth stage companies will be able to receive up to RUB 65 million.

Mikhail Oseevskiy, President of Rostelecom:
Rostelecom has made great progress in transforming into a leading provider of digital services. From a growth perspective, I am pleased to see a stronger focus on innovative business streams, such as data centres, cloud, cyber security, smart cities, IoT to name but a few. The strategic partnership with IIDF is aimed at enhancing efficiencies in this area, identifying new growth drivers and expanding the ecosystem of digital services. These drivers might not always be obvious given the increasing speed of technological developments somewhat ambitious ideas today, they can conquer markets and geographies tomorrow.

Kirill Varlamov, President of IIDF and IIDF Invest:
IIDF is always looking for new sources of financing to support its various investment streams. Our partnership with Rostelecom opens a new chapter in IIDFs evolution as we will be reconsidering the investment cycle with a full commitment to supporting promising IT start-ups and growth companies and providing the entrepreneurs with access to Rostelecoms unique expertise.

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The Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) is a Russian venture capital fund established by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in 2013 by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Foundation invests in technology companies in the early stages of development, develops a network of start-up accelerators, and is involved in the development of methods of legal regulation of the venture industry.

IIDF Invest invests in technology start-ups that are in their early stages. Since 2013, IIDF Invest has invested RUB 3.87 billion in more than 420 companies. Currently, there are 350 operating businesses in the portfolio, of which about 50 are developing successfully both in Russia and internationally.