Rostelecom partners with Group to develop e-education

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Moscow, Russia – June 13, 2019 Rostelecom PJSC (MOEX: RTKM, RTKMP; OTCQX: ROSYY), the largest digital service provider in Russia, today announces that it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Group to jointly develop digital education in Russia.

The agreement, signed by Vladimir Kirienko, Rostelecom’s First Vice President and Boris Dobrodeev, Director General of Group, creates a joint venture (JV) “Digital Education LLC”. The partners agreed on equal participation terms.

The newly created JV will be responsible for the development of IT products to help modernize Russias education in schools, including e-diaries, communication services for parents, teachers and students. The new products will be designed based on both parties resources and expertise.

Boris Dobrodeev, Director General of Group:
Education and science support is one of our strategic priorities. For more than 8 years, we have been populating knowledge about IT, helping students with career advice and organizing conferences and championships for IT professionals. We are happy to partner with Rostelecom and join our efforts to make education in Russia modern and technology based.

Vladimir Kirienko, First Vice President of Rostelecom:
One of Rostelecoms missions is to provide all students across Russia a reliable access to quality content which is essential for the education system. Today, we rely heavily on digital technologies, at both stages of content development and promotion. At the same time, the demand for quality products based on new technologies is growing rapidly. I am confident, that the partnership of Rostelecom and has all necessary ingredients - competences and experience - to meet this demand.