Rostelecom announces rebranding, unveils new digital services

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A new brand emphasizes Rostelecom’s continued evolution into an innovative digital company

Moscow, Russia – September 26, 2018 – Rostelecom PJSC (MOEX: RTKM, RTKMP; OTCQX: ROSYY), Russia’s national telecommunications operator, announces its repositioning and rebranding, introduces new digital services and tariff options to reflect market trends and the Company’s strategic priorities.

Strategy 2022 sets out Rostelecom’s digital transformation from a telecoms operator into an IT-company, servicing retail, business clients and the Russian Government to embrace new opportunities in the digital world.

The success of Rostelecom’s digital transformation is reflected by the contribution of more than half of the Company’s revenue by digital and content services, Internet access, pay TV, cloud-based solutions, data centers, cybersecurity and other services. These segments are driving Rostelecom’s growth and the Company is also undergoing significant organizational changes internally to reflect this. Rostelecom is establishing new teams and centers of excellence created to boost key focus areas, such as biometry, cybersecurity, IoT, smart home, etc.

Mikhail Oseevsky, CEO & President of Rostelecom:
What really matters today is not the technologies, but their application, and the ways they can change lifestyle and bring comfort and safety. We are no longer focused on new subscriptions, but are embracing entire life areas, creating ecosystems, where every client will find the solution they need.

To reflect the new positioning, Rostelecom introduced a number of brand new services and tariffs for a number of segments.

Vladimir Kirienko, First Vice President of Rostelecom:
We do our best to anticipate our clients’ aspirations and needs in every area of their lives, to continue delivering best-in-class services. With Rostelecom’s technological solutions businesses grow more efficiently, and customers’ day-to-day life becomes more comfortable and safer. The portfolio of brand-new products and tariffs now offers better flexibility – tailored services can be reassembled like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle to meet the particular needs of a family or a company”.

A multimedia platform Wink has been added to the ecosystem of products for private clients, marking a significant evolution of IPTV, which is today popular among millions of families across Russia. Wink is a platform that brings together a mobile app, a website and a Smart TV app, combining more than 200 TV channels, 12,000 movies and series, as well as a full range of additional functions, from pausing and rewinding to providing a parental-control feature. In future, clients will be able to enjoy a much broader functionality of the service.

Online education, which is one of the key elements within the ecosystem, is represented by the “Rostelecom Lyceum” platform, which was launched to enhance quality, safety and accessibility of supplementary school education, and features specially selected content. On the platform, a personal supervisor can tailor student programmes and assist parents with tracking student performance and manage their schedules.

New products and services in the tariff line are conveniently named to ensure easier choice based on families’ needs – “For Internet”, “For peace of mind”, “For new experiences”, “For everyone”, “Gaming”.

On 1 October, Rostelecom will launch an updated platform to assist entrepreneurs “Be in the black”, that allows businesses enjoy a high-speed internet access and mobile communication, with a 50% discount on additional services, such as Virtual PBX, SMS advertising, Wi-Fi, video monitoring or TV for business.

These and other changes signalled that Rostelecom needs a new, dynamic and evolving positioning and branding.

Elena Dobrohotova, Marketing Director of Rostelecom:
The mission of our new brand is to reflect fundamental change in our approach to products and clients. We no longer focus on technologies, addressing people’s needs have become our top priority. That is why their experience and emotions are core to us. The diversity of graphic solutions and colours echoes the wide range of opportunities we are creating for people, businesses and the country. We wish to emphasize that on this new digital journey we have embarked on, we are looking to become a truly modern company with a stronger brand engagement with each of our customers, from gamers to government bodies”.

The new brand identity was developed by a partnership of Bootleg (BBDO group) and Saffron Brand Consultants.

Ekaterina Shenets, managing director of Bootleg:
The changes within the Company were a driving force for fundamental changes in the way Rostelecom connects with clients and partners. We were excited to be a part of the team, responsible for the development of Rostelecom’s new style and message. Thanks to joint efforts in the marketing department, Saffron and Bootleg, the national Company now has a unique, powerful image and authentic voice to continue creating real value and evolving its digital footprint further on”.

The first marketing campaign in new corporate style will be launched on 1 October 2018.