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Igor Lyapunov

Vice President for Information Security

Date of birth: 01.09.1976


In 1993-1999 Igor studied in Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering, and graduated cum laude from the Department of Radio Equipment Design with a degree in Computer-Aided Design.

Experience and expertise:

Since 1997 Igor has been in IT industry, making all the way from a system administrator to CEO of a big company.

Igor started his professional career as a system administrator in LANIT company, and later in1999 he was in charge of the company’s Information Security Department and led development of the company network security and antivirus protection service implementation and communications link security services.

In 2005 Igor elected to leave LANIT and joined ISG (Integrated Services Group) as the Group Security System Director.

Since 2008 Igor had been with Infosystems Jet and was in charge of the company Information Security Center with responsibilities for the company business development in the deployment of information security systems, promotion and sales of information security solutions, creation and enhancement of the sales organization, creation and growth of in-house development, as well as personnel management.

In March 2015 Igor became CEO of Solar Security, Russian vendor developing products and services for information security monitoring and management.

Over 19 years of his involvement in the area of information security he has been in charge of successful implementation of over 100 large-scale territorially distributed information security projects both for public authorities and commercial bodies.

Currently, Igor is Executive Secretary of SOC In Russia Closed Professional Club and an active member of a number of industrial associations, like National Soft SW Product Developers Association, Information Security Association, etc. Igor is a regular speaker at major events in IT and Information Security: conferences of the Russian FSTEC, Digital Industry of the Manufacturing Russia conference, SOC-Forum conferences, BIS Summit. Igor often writes for industry and business publications, like Forbes, CNews, Anti-Malware, Information Security.