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Valery Ermakov

Vice President, Corporate and Government Segments

Valeriy V. Ermakov was born on 9 April 1968 in Tambov and in 1991 graduated from Tambov Institute of Chemical Engineering with a degree in Design and Technology of Radio-electronic Devices. Upon graduating from the institute he taught in the chair of automated systems and devices.

For six years from 1994 V. Ermakov worked for OJSC Tambov Elektrosvyaz starting as a telecom engineer and reaching the position of Deputy General Director.

In January 2001 he was appointed the General Director of OJSC MCC-Volga (Megafon-Volga), and in April 2009 he became First Deputy General Director for Operations of OJSC Megafon.

From October 2013 until April 2015 he served as General Director of Transas Group of Companies.

In September 2015 V. Ermakov was appointed Vice President for Corporate and Government Segment Business of PJSC Rostelecom.